June 21, 2016

Alejandro Augustine Padilla: Flirting with the Macabre


June 2, 2016

Honored to be selected amongst such accomplished artist here in San Antonio TX. Beyond words to have Jesse Amado in the curator position. If you can attend please do, going to be incredible!

January 3, 2016

Alejandro Augustine Padilla

"Alejandro Augustine Padilla established Studio Fantomas at the art complex at 1906 S. Flores St. where he shares studio space with James Supa Medrano. Working in oil paint, ink drawing and acrylics, Padilla explores how trauma impacts a pers...

June 6, 2015

Bihl Haus Arts guest curator David S. Rubin guides us through his new exhibit “Nature on the Edge.” The exhibit features 17 local artists and their artistic responses to the issues of environmental change.



June 17, 2014

Among Contemporary Art Month’s more cryptic offerings, Melinda Martinez Studio’s “Be Bloody, Bold, and Resolute” pairs Albert Alvarez and Alejandro Augustine Padilla—kindred spirits who treat deep issues (from mental illness and anxiety to religion and war) with a dark...

June 17, 2014

7. Network hard but don’t be afraid to share the spotlight.

Alejandro Padilla, impresario of Studio Fantomas, is a canny assessor of social possibilities and isn’t afraid to negotiate. “I managed to get four artist studio spaces inside the Michigan Building,” he noted,...

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